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Sales Services

  1. Transfer from Tirana Airport
  2. Organizing selling property
  3. Car rental program under our Rent-a-Car
  4. Introduction to real estate market
  5. Visit the site of the immovable property
  6. legal advice
  7. Assists in organizing the financing / bank account opening
  8. An option for Attorney Representation, in order to be able to finish the documentation for when you leave.
  9. Discussion After-sales services through Saranda Invest Property are such as:
  10. Terms of Property Management and Lease Management.
  11. Reserving payment of 2,000 euros for apartment includes all the above services

Rental Properties in Albania

  1. Saranda Property Invest offers apartments, villas, offices and commercial buildings for rent in Albania.
  2. We have a vast experience in the service industry apartments for rent.
  3. Thousands of satisfied customers.
  4. Your accommodation confirmation within 1-2 days.
  5. Effective support to clients within 24 hours.
  6. We offer these services to make your stay as comfortable Albania.
  7. We are here to advise you on the letting market, applicable laws, taxes and inform you how to maximize rental income from your property in Albania. We will take responsibility to ensure that your property is rented in accordance with all local and state laws to Albania.
  8. Once you have decided to collaborate with our management plan, we will take photos of your property and to take into our website, as well as other countries with whom we cooperate.

Albania Property Management

  1. Saranda Invest Property will take care to maintain and oversee your property. These services will be offered through our company Saranda Property Invest.
  2. Maintenance and services offered are:
  3. 1 cleaning per month
  4. It will cover a thorough cleaning of the apartment.
  5. Payment of bills and annual fees
  6. Payment of bills and keeping our offices.
  7. Invoices will be paid under your name if required
  8. Inventory control for content
  9. We will take care that everything be fine in your flat and your will care if lessee in your neighborhood.
  10. Visual inspection inside the apartment, and check for any visible defect
  11. Providing visits to your property to check everything is OK, with additional controls during times of rainfall
  12. Ensure that your property's doors, windows and shutters are safe
  13. Your property will be aired every flower watered inside the house will
  14. Testing of all electrical appliances and equipment
  15. Make sure all equipment is working well and without problems
  16. Examination of all furniture and furnishings
  17. Check all plumbing and sanitary equipment
  18. Preparation and submission of monthly report
  19. Maintain a documentation of visits to the property. This documentation will be kept in our office for you to inspect at any time
  20. Inform you by e-mail if there are any problems
  21. Contact by email / phone if there are any urgent issues to be addressed
  22. In case of any problem, we will deliver to you by email a report on this problem with the suggested solution.
  23. On these services has an agreement with the agency commission and client.

Project Management

  1. In today's global market, complexity and speed are everything.
  2. We offer our clients project management skills, tools, and techniques needed for a wide range of activities in order to meet the specific requirements of the project.
  3. We are able to lead your project through the various stages of the project requires as: start of work, planning, execution, monitoring and closing processes controlling time and cost management.
  4. Offer includes:
  5. Initial market insight and recommendations for investors.
  6. Establishing a legal framework to allow the developer to operate in Albania.
  7. Setting up a tax efficient structure to deliver the project.
  8. Finding land for the project and manaxhojme full purchase process.
  9. Assisting in the project design to meet market demands.
  10. Creating a team with local contacts for investors to bring the project to life through planning.
  11. Providing location and construction permit.
  12. Recommendation of a local team builder to start construction of the project, and a team of independent oversight.
  13. Selling off plan project to project financing installment buyers.
  14. Our tariff is in agreement



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We select properties that have no ownership conflict.
We select properties that have potential for future price growth.
We select properties in which is invested in quality, are applying all the standards in the field of construction.
For each property we study a possible destination final buying and selling it.
Any investor in one of the properties managed by "Saranda Invest Property" comes to the aid of our consultancy in property selection.
Experience and our experience in this field make it possible to orient toward selecting a property investor needs and its economic interests.

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To improve your economic investment, potential investors, in this time of financial crisis, "Saranda Invest Property" does not apply to the commission to a buyer clients from managed properties "Saranda Invest Property".

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Most importantly: The region where we are under evaluation by the most prestigious international agencies in the field of Property - real estate, assess the Albanian Riviera Saranda centric second internationally for investment in real estate which means: Agencies prestigious that operate in the field of Property real estate guide their clients to invest in the region in real estate: lands, apartments, villas. Considering that the prices are very low compared to the region, the rate of return estimated 200-250% for 5-years. Given this opportunity during this time has increased the demand for these various categories of properties. Influx of foreign investors can be seen from countries such as: Russia, Norway, Sweden, Holland, England, Germany, France, Italy and many other countries.

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You get the benefits of the warranty if:

1.1. Have found and have booked an accommodation published in our website.

1.2 Have you made this accommodation booking through our web reservation program.

1.3 Have you made the payment of reservation deposit on one of the payment methods set out in the booking conditions.

1.4. Have sent the exact amount of the deposit reservation excluding the cost of bank transfers.

1.5 We have notified your problem immediately after konstatit problem giving us the opportunity to try to find a possible solution.

1.6 Only reservations made through our pages reservation program covered by this warranty.

1.7 In any case refunds made based on this guarantee can not be higher than the earnest claimant has paid reservation before arrival in the accommodation.

2. Cases covered by the Guarantee Reservation.

Following cases are covered by the Guarantee Reservation:

2.1 If you have made a reservation through our website and your arrival in the accommodation turns out that the accommodation is not the same or does not provide the same services with what is published and you have booked.

2.2 If you have made a reservation through our pages and your mberitjen accommodation You find that accommodation is not free or the owner does not accept your reservation without right.

If one of these cases is completed, then you will be assisted by us, at no extra cost, to find a similar accommodation you had booked accommodation within our objective, and if you have paid a reservation deposit, we will be back full value of the reservation deposit.

3.Shembuj of cases which are not covered by the Guarantee Reservation.

    ?? Cases, the following are examples of cases which are not covered by the guarantee of reservation:

3.1 If you have not paid reservation deposit before arrival accommodation in one of the forms set out in the terms of booking, then you do not receive this guarantee.

3.2 You will not benefit guarantee if you do not accept an incoming accommodation due to the location of the accommodation.

3.3 You benefit not guarantee a reservation if you are not satisfied with the accommodation booked as it does not fit your requirements although accommodation offers all the services of the public. So do not accept cases "now I do not like, I changed my mind."

3.4 If the owner does not accept rezervimim because you are not dakorte published accommodation conditions (eg you have pets shtepieke with them even though we condition it was determined that the animals are not allowed in the accommodation, etc..), Or you have claims outside the reservation specified in Vaucher (p.sh.paraqiteni we accommodate more people than is defined in vaucherin / accommodation voucher, etc.)

3.5 If You kanceloni a reservation, then you do not receive the benefits of the guarantee. In this case apply kancelimit conditions set out in paragraph 6 of the Conditions of Reservation.

3.6 If you have a disagreement with the owner in connection with the rental fee or claim a discount accommodation including when you mberini late or leave prematurely accommodation by accommodation, then you can not claim a refund Saranda Invest Property.


3.7 If you do not notify us within 24 hours of the conclusion of the problem, phone number +355694801295, +355672930980 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , to ascertain problem, then you do not receive the benefits of the guarantee.

If you do not observe the requirements of obtaining warranty procedure, or course of action any act or omission which limits us the opportunity to resolve the problem to limit our losses, or give false statements or perform actions which are aimed unfair benefits TravelNet detriment or to our affiliates, then you will lose any right to obtain the benefits that it offers guarantee.

4. Demand for the benefit of Reservation Guarantee.

Send email in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , a request to use the guarantee of the reservation.

With the submission of the Request for Reservation Guarantee you agree that:

4.1 If we fulfill your claims for you reimburse the reservation deposit, then the payments will be made in the bank account of the person who made the booking. Beneficiary will cover the cost of the bank transfer.

4.2 If we fulfill your claim for you refund reservation deposit, then you are dakorte to liberate Saranda Invest Property and its associates from each of your claim that has arisen or is related to events prior to the date of refund.

5. The procedure of obtaining Reservation Guarantee

5.1 Report Saranda Invest Property

You must notify us within 24 hours in phone +355694801295, +355672930980 or meail in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , from the moment you notice that there is a problem that requires intervention or activation tone of this guarantee.

5.2Dergoni request for reimbursement as set out in paragraph 4 of these terms.

5.3Dokumentoni your reservation.

You need to document and inform us about the details of your booking, a copy of the accommodation voucher (voucher), the name of your last name (rezervuezit) as well as any other information that may be required by us, including copies documentation that may be needed for this purpose.

  5.4 Document the payment made.

  If you are looking for the return of the deposit of the booking, then you should send us copies of documentation for payments made for the reservation deposit.

6. Help us to help you.

If you want to profit Reservation Guarantee, then you're dakorte give us any information or documentation that we may ask you within the time limits specified in these conditions, to support your request for reimbursement. If you want to benefit the benefits of the warranty, then you have agreed to collaborate with us to meet and follow the appropriate procedure. All requests for use of the warranty will kancelohen booking automatically if the claimant does not respond to our requests or fails to submit a required documentation within 10 days of the submission of our application in writing (post or email).

 7. Refund deadlines.

Your claims reimbursement process will last no more than 30 days. If Saranda Invest Property agrees to perform the refund of the deposit the reservation, then it will be done within 10 days from the date that we have approved reimbursement claims. Any refund will be made in the bank account of the person who made the booking. Beneficiary will pay for the bank transfer.

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