Villa for sale in Tirana Albania
Code: E0005
Price: € 259,000
Land area 325 m2
Construction area 300 m2
Free land plot of 130 m2
Cluster documentation: Certificate of ownership "mortgage"
Villa has two floors
Year of construction 2009
The location of the villa is close to 24 news.
  The property is registered in the mortgage and was bought by the lawful owner. Also legalize construction is done in December 2012. So there are all legal documents on property. According legalizing land has an area of 325 m2 size 20 m length x 16 m width. Constructed area is based "foundation" 12.5m length x 9.5 m width. House on the east side of the house and it has a distance from the southern perimeter wall of 1m linear while the north "before the main entrance" has a linear distance of 4 m from the surrounding walls. While the west side has a small orchard that has been exploited and the car parking width size 16m x 6 m length.
As seen in the picture and its front entrance of the house is on the north side of its entrance and the first floor has a bedroom, a kitchen, dining room, living room with fireplace living. There is a door which makes communication with the second floor and when she opened a spa which is on the first floor next to the right and down the stairs has a warehouse which is scheduled for deployment and the boiler. Warming is projected to be the boiler and there are currently installed on both floors only water transmission pipes. All electrical installations are original "Gewis". Go through the stairs on the second floor, which currently has two bedrooms, living room living room, a complete kitchen, a dining room and a spa salon. Ladders which are a function of visiting the second floor continue to go to the attic where there is an area of 30m2. The attic has at its center and a height of 2.80 m and is designed for any room or to deposit spoil material or unnecessary and seasonal family.
According total legalization house has 300 m2 of construction including the balconies excluding attic space here. House supplied with water from the source of Selita "Dajt" and has a tank with pump 1000 liters capacity. At the same time there is for water meter installed and a timer for the electricity bill and that regular contract and paid and currently continue. There is also a fixed phone line. All the windows of the house are equipped with shutters. All home furniture, doors and kitchens are both made with custom oak wood, while the windows are custom made in Korca with aluminum Greek system "Europe". All rooms of the house have size 4x4 m. Villa was painted in 2009. We are sure we can offer you what you need. enabling you yours a successful investment in real estate.
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