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1 - Reservation

To make your reservation before must check the availability of accommodation completed send the form View availability & pricing.

Within 24 hours you will receive confirmation of availability, together with information about the price and the payment if you need a reservation deposit.

To request this akomdim You must click PRENOTO.

To confirm your reservation may require a reservation deposit which shall send within the period determined by akomoduesi.

Immediately after receiving the booking and reservation deposit (if necessary a deposit) akomoduesi will send confirmation of booking together with Vaucherin / Coupon reservation, who form a contract with akomoduesin.

Not sending reservation deposit within the period specified by akomoduesi can cause your reservation kancelimin.

2 - Methods of making payments

With on-line payment MoneyBookers, You can pay by credit card / debit card or from your bank account via the link to secure on-line payment MoneyBookers if akomoduesi has an account on the service.

Bank transfer to the bank account akomoduesit which will t'jepet accordingly from akomoduesi.

Cash transfers, (if it comes to an amount not greater than 101euro) You can send payments through transfers service as WestrenUnion, MoneyGram or Albanian Post.

Make sure you send akomoduesit number of transfer by email.

Customer must pay all bank transaction fees, so akomoduesi should be taken the exact amount for which it is agreed.

Cash. You can pay cash on accommodation if you do not need a reservation deposit.

Warning: Saranda Invest Property does not require in any case to make direct payment with credit card or enter your credit card data and does not guarantee in any way or form of protection from unauthorized use of credit card.


We advise you not to make direct payment with your credit card and do not give your credit card information akomoduesve, but use the secure online payment service like Moneybookers or PayPal to make credit card payments.

3 - booking fee

Saranda Invest Property does not apply booking fees.

4 - Rates and taxes

All published prices are in euros and they include all taxes that apply to the tax system of the Republic of Albania. Akomoduesi reserves the right to change the published prices before you make a reservation. If the price of an accommodation changes, then you will be informed before you make a reservation in this accommodation.

5 - Changes to a reservation

If you want to change a reservation, no will try to make that change, if possible.

If you want to change a reservation, you should contact with the akomoduesin to make that change, if possible.

If you are looking to change accommodation or destination, this will considered kancelim and in this case will be treated in accordance with paragraph 6.

So you can search for reservation changes only within the same accommodation.

6 - Kancelimet

Kancelimet can only be made in writing (fax, email) of the person who made the reservation directly to akomoduesi.

In case of a holiday that has rezeruar an accommodation does not appear in this accommodation until 22:00 the first day of booking then that reservation will be considered canceled.

We cases kancelimi kept 100% of the reservation deposit.

If an accommodation falls DOKOR to return the earnest of the booking then the deposit will be returned to the person who made the booking or in his bank account.


7 - Kancelimet from Saranda Invest Property

In rare cases, if Saranda Invest Property should kanceloj a reservation, then we will offer you alternative similar to the canceled booking without any extra cost.

If the alternatives that we present are not satisfactory to you, we will refund the payment done by you for the reservation deposit.

8 - Responsibilities

Descriptions listed on our site are made in good faith. However, we have never owned nor manage the accommodations offered, so we can not accept responsibility for any loss or damage which you may suffer in the accommodation, except when they occur because of the actions of the staff of our company.

The information published on the website of any accommodation provided by akomoduesi who is, and responsible for vertesine and accuracy of this information. We are not responsible for loss or missing services which subsequently caused the information published in the pages of accommodation.

In the cases specified in the Terms of Guarantee Reservation You may be eligible for a refund of the deposit you have paid for booking this accommodation booked.

For more go to the Terms of Guarantee.

Saving valuable personal items are under your responsibility. Our responsibility for services provided or missing, in any case is limited to the value of the reservation deposit paid by tourists.

We are not responsible for damage or loss events caused by major powers which as such are considered storms, wind, rainfall, floods, earthquakes, water, fire, landslides, road accidents, government, war, epidemics, industrial disasters, from criminal acts and any other event that can not be kontrrollohet from us or can not be avoided pamvaresishte our sincere efforts.

Also, we are not responsible for delays in transport to and from the accommodation selected.

In such cases, we recommend you to contact an insurance company.

9 - Complaints

In rare case, if you have a complaint regarding your accommodation, should immediately communicate with akomoduesin and search for a solution. If a satisfactory solution is not achieved with akomoduesin, he should communicate with us immediately, in numbers that are in Vaucherin / Coupon that we have given you. We will strive to disaster an immediate solution.

If you do not inform us about the problem, during the period that you are in accommodation, then we will not have the opportunity to fix the problem once you're back in your surroundings.

10 - Mberitja and departure from the accommodation

You can be informed about the hour of arrival and departure from the accommodation in terms of any accommodation or by contacting mast with akomoduesin.


11 - Deposit guarantee (for possible damages in accommodation)

During the performance of reservation guarantee deposit is required. But akomoduesi may require a security deposit when you mberini accommodation. In all cases, you can be informed if and how much is the deposit guarantee, accommodation tariff conditions, where it is determined if required and how much is it in any case.

Before leaving akomoduesi will kontrrolloj accommodation for potential shortages or damages and in case something is missing or damaged, it is your responsibility to pay 100% of the damage.

12 - Property Care

Please protect and respect the accommodation, without damaging it and not concerned about other users of the accommodation. You should submit it to the situation that took Delivery when mberitet. Akomoduesi will kontrrolloj accommodation before your departure and if it finds damage then he will ask you to pay for the damage caused. If you damage the accommodation or disturb other vacationers, accommodation owner can ask you to leave the accommodation. In this case we have no obligation to find an accommodation next to you or refund you.

13 - Insurance

We recommend our clients to obtain their own insurance for any occasion from insurance companies.

14 - Number of persons in accommodation

The number of persons using the accommodation can not be greater than the number of persons is defined in the reservation. The accommodation owner has the right to refuse the use of accommodation if the number of people who will use the accommodation is larger than the number of persons specified in the reservation.

In case that akomoduesi accept more people than is specified in the reservation, then, you will pay the relevant fee for extra persons.

15 - Protection of personal data

All information relevant to the customer's personal data is confidential and will be used only in the service of the customer. This information given akomoduesit and we can not guarantee that akomoduesi not to share this information with third parties. For this reason, we suggest that you do not send any information to which you do not want to be taught by others.

For more go to Privacy Policy.

16 - Contract

These booking conditions together with the general terms and conditions and Vaucherin / booking Coupon constitute a contract regarding between akomoduesit and You. This contract is implemented according to the Albanian legislation and under the jurisdiction of the Albanian courts.

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