Hotel - residences (apartments and hotel) for sale in Saranda-Albania G0005 Featured

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Hotel - residences (apartments and hotel) for sale in Saranda-Albania G0005
Super bargain price --- 990 000 Euros
The price   550 Euro  m/2
This building is 7 (seven) floors construction
The total construction area 1800 m / 2
Inner surface of the building 1316.5 m / 2
Land of the building is 400 m / 2
The facilities built in 2008 
This building has a certificate of ownership (mortgage)
Magnificent sea view and the city 
Distance from the sea is 100 m
Distance from the national route is 70 m
Distance from City port is 2 k / m
Distance from nearest airport (Corfu Airport) is 30 m / l
Distance from Tirana airport 350 k / m
Distance from the airport designed to be built soon in Saranda is 5 k / m.
Description and Functioning of the facility
 This items is designed and built in part to be put into commercial activity accomplish Hospitality and Tourism
It is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the city.
Of all the interior and exterior of this building given the opportunity to see a very beautiful view of the city, the sea, and the island of Corfu.
First floor First floor is designed to serve as a coffee bars., Restaurants
 Floor 2 (Second) of 3 (Third) of the four (4) of 5 (fifth) of 6 (six) These floors consist of 3 (three) apartments each floor. 2 (two) apartments consist of 2 (two) bedroom +1 (a) Size room - kitchen + 1 (a) toilets + a balcony and flat 3 (Third) consists of one bedroom + a parlor room - kitchen + a toilet + a balcony
 Floor of 7 (seven) is loft apartments), composed of 2 (two) apartments.
The apartments consist of 2 (two) bedrooms + a room salons, two bathrooms + kitchen + large veranda.
In total it has building (17 apartments) 46 rooms + 19 baths + 2 service facilities ..
We sale price included and rikonstuksioni of all facility in the inner spaces and exterior.
Sarandainvestproperty make it available to he's customers a wide range of services such as:
Communication with clients will be done by a staff knowledgeable in the language of their origin of each client, making a fast and professional communication.
At the time of arrival in every possible destination (port, airport or land border point) we will be enabled reception and socializing all the time that you are in our country.
With the arrival of our clients in the destination, in one of the accommodations provided by our company, we organized meetings with property owners (individuals or building society).
 We create opportunity for all customers to be informed of developments and the latest changes on the real estate market.
Once we are informed for ideas, wishes and requirements of clients we can effectively organize tour to see the properties closely with potential customers you adapt.
The lawyers of the company in collaboration with the professional notaries will guarantee you the real estate transaction to a rapid and safe.
After the purchase by the customer, between the customer and the company Sarandainvestproperty, in the presence of a notary signed a document representations (special power of attorney) to authorize the company to pursue Sarandainvestproperty all special procedures, to make possible the registration Final property and equipment with certificate of ownership by institutions of property registration immovable.
This service will enable the client saving time and avoiding the possible institutional bureaucracy.
What enables you Sarandainvestproperty company proposes ??????????
Sarandainvestproperty has a several years experience in marketing (sale-purchase)  of real estate.
Sarandainvestproperty company consists of a highly qualified staff with many years of experience (lawyers, evaluation and manager) in the marketing of real estate ..
Sarandainvestproperty company invites individuals to cooperate more, colleague and sister company to expand the portfolio of its associates and customers.
Sarandainvestproperty company selects for its clients and potential properties with regular documentation consistent with Albanian legislation
Recent years along the Albanian coast has a considerable increase investor various individuals and society mostly foreign (Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Italian, French, Polish, Dutch and many others) who are investing in real property. (land, flats different, hotels)
There are several categories of individuals and company directors who view the Albanian Riviera quite favorite to invest.
Albanian Legislation not prevent no different individuals or companies to invest in real estate in our country.
For all those who invest in our country real estate, Albanian state has facilitated the terms and conditions creating the opportunity to give you long-term residence permits to all investors in real estate.
Category 1 (first)
This seashore described as the pearl of the Balkans beauties oncoming nature many opportunities to make a safe investment in real estate.
The price of real estate is very low in comparison with countries in the region.
Being a developing country for growing percentage annual property price ranges actually is at 10-15% in years.
Kategogoria of 2 (two)
Thanks beauties nature as numerous top quality beaches and more suitable for the temperatures and with 300 days of sunshine on average, over the years, has led the Albanian Riviera is always in demand for housing in Copenhagen different, mostly apartments.
The price of apartments is more economical in comparison to the region.
Category 3 (third)
Very high is the number of individuals, mostly age of 3 (third) retired from different countries, taking into account the economic fair housing price and low cost of living compared with other regional countries
have selected Albanian Riviera (Saranda, Vlora, patience) to continue their livelihood.
Category 4 (fourth)
 Number increasingly in Copenhagen, the domestic and foreign vacationers to spend their holidays on the Albanian Riviera has grown to accommodate the demand for this area.
This application is very individual and society exploit tourism by investing in the construction of many tourist resorts.
All stakeholders who want to visit the Albanian Riviera and the opportunities that it offers, the company offers them free accommodation and a 2-3 day tour by and looked at all the properties it administers.
The company has a staff qualified real estate agents who are cognitive and speaking to several international languages.
Documentation of every property that we manage the will to be translated into the language of the person concerned.
Through our consulting all the company's customers will benefit device with final documentation (mortgage) of the property selected ..
Through our consulting all customers will benefit to file the necessary documentation to obtain long-term residence permit in the country   

Additional Info

  • Code: G0005
  • Street: Sarande-Ksamil
  • City: Sarande
  • Contact:

    Mob: 0694801295 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Area: 1800 m/2
  • Property Type: Objekt Multifunksionale
  • Cmimi: 990000 Euro
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Saranda Invest Property

Address: Student Street Saranda, Vlore Albania
Mob: 0694801295

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