Saranda is located in southern Albania. It seaside location. Geographical position and has a very favorable climate, which makes it an important tourist destination.
Washed by the waters of the Ionian Sea. Being in the south of the country it borders with the neighboring country GREECE ground. There are two entered - exit south KAKAVI and QAFBOTA in them exercise state functions customs in which all procedures are carried out on commercial activity between the two countries. Also performed and people move inversely two countries. With sea borders with the island of Corfu. Saranda has a port that enables anchoring of yachts and boats of various sizes also. In these circumstances it becomes possible entry and exit of foreign nationals to various tourist destinations, worth pointing out that Saranda Bay has its very earliest archaeological destinations such as: Phoenician BUTRINTI MONASTERY OF THE 40 SAINTS ECT .
But also Saranda is characterized by clean beaches with fine sand and warm water. It should be emphasized virgin beaches:
BREAST OF MONASTERY Continuing Kakome bay, KROREZA, Lukove Caverns, Borshi, Ksamili.
The city's main income is from tourism. Recent developments in the industry has great impetus given to investment in urban infrastructure in partnership with private investors who have invested substantially in this industry.
Given that tourism hotel prices here are the most competitive tourist destination in the region influx of visitors is increasing. The arrival of a growing number of visitors has considerably increased the demand for residential apartments. The demand in the construction sector have been triggered by very low prices compared with prices in the region.
It is worth mentioning that the big push in this sector has given Albania's membership in NATO and the receipt of STATUS MEMBER OF THE EUROPEAN UNION.
Some potential buyers are from Scandinavian countries as Norway, Sweden, Scotland, England, Russia, and also many buyers are from NETHERLANDS, ITALY, FRANCE.
It is worthwhile to know that the community that lives here is made up of multi ethnicity and religion as Christian, Catholic and Muslim it. But living in full harmony with each - other. This phenomenon proved positive in marriage relationships where religion plays no role among partners.
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